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Evolution is a constant at 100% of the things that we know, think, believe, and develop. A paradigm, is probably the most difficult element to change, but at the same time, they are changes that have brought important innovations, and what is a paradigm? It is not more than a model that allows us to solve certain types of situations, built from a handful of theories.

Football training has been a paradigm of constantly changing livelihoods in different theories that come from schools or trends that look at this sport from their own point of view, and accompanied by a methodology of teaching of the Western school type, which It is what we know from our childhood.

Many of these schools, have led teams and national teams to sporting reigns of great players, titles, generations, etc. However, the loss of borders through a fully globalized world not only invites to search a sea tools, in addition to mix them to create, adapt, and also, to shred them.

Speaking of soccer goalkeeper, we are focusing in the smallest part of this world, but that has experienced the same changes. Therefore, ZeroGravity is born as an evolution of a work philosophy and experience of a former goalkeeper and now developer of goalkeepers "Roberto Navajas", which consists of the feedback with the player, learn from the goalkeepers, learn about their goals, their movements and logic body, know their features, potentialities and disadvantages both as a physical and mental .

ZeroGravity, is a project of integral development for goalkeepers and coaches at all levels, supported by creative methodology to adapt to each person in a 100%. This methodology believes in promoting alike; the technical, tactical and psychological. Together with personal development ,self-knowledge and self-management gets out the better competitor.

ZeroGravity takes advantage of modern times to eliminate borders through technology.

ZeroGravity complements all of its programs both face-to-face (conferences, courses, clinics, etc.) and online with training and advice that works from a mobile application and platform of your own internet browser in which teacher and student they share a sporting calendar designed for the goalkeeper or coach, there are exchanged videos of trainings, matches, contained with exercises, forms of self-consciousness personal and sport, competitions, training planning , and more. In this way, allows customized training tailored to each person, that, on the other hand, analyzes his/her own sports instances with their teacher in video conferencing.
ZeroGravity teaches not to rely on, it teaches to know and to think for oneself roads that can lead to personal and sporting success.

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